Our Records & Books:

Shipping/P&P - Our Approach and Procedure

1. Overall 'Not For Profit ' Approach

Whether you are purchasing a single album or many, it is our intention to charge you no more than it costs us for the item or items. We have no wish to make a profit from this charge. This is our basic philosophy. What is more, for large value orders - see below - we will also share or, depending upon the size of the order, perhaps even waive the shipping costs altogether.

2. Packaging

We pride ourselves on the quality and thoroughness of our packaging, and receive numerous compliments on our standards in this area.

3. Carriers

Whilst we still use the Royal Mail and Parcel service as our default carrier, particularly for single or few album sales, we are constantly looking for the best value service for our customers, commensurate with the speedy and safe delivery to your location. We are increasingly finding that couriers offer better value services for larger order deliveries, particularly to distant points of the globe. These cost effective services include tracking of the goods and signed for delivery, which is better for all concerned.

4.Single Item Costs

All our items have a shipping band displayed next to them, which reflects both the weight and destination country of the goods.

The correct charge will automatically be added to the price of a purchased item. The charge per band per region is set out below.

Band 1 £2.00
Band 2 £2.75
Band 3 £3.50
Band 4 £4.25
Band 5 £5.00
Band 6 £5.75
Band 7 £6.50
Band 8 £7.50

Band 1 £3.00
Band 2 £4.25
Band 3 £5.50
Band 4 £6.75
Band 5 £8.00
Band 6 £9.25
Band 7 £10.50
Band 8 £12.00

USA/Rest of World
Band 1 £4.00
Band 2 £6.75
Band 3 £9.50
Band 4 POA*
Band 5 POA*
Band 6 POA*
Band 7 POA*
Band 8 POA*

*Price on application

5. Multiple Item Order Costs

As the system adds together the shipping costs of each item for a multiple item order, it does not reflect the true cost, which will usually be rather less than the sum of the costs for the individual items.

The System provides two options for dealing with this, both easy to use and which come down to personal preference. We have a number of customers in the UK and abroad who regularly purchase large numbers of albums at a time, and different customers prefer one option to the other. Both options are easy to adopt.

The two options are as follows::

a) The 'Pay with PayPal' option

Using this option you pay the total cost shown on the invoice at the outset and we amend the invoice to show the reduced charge as appropriate and credit your Paypal account with the overpayment accordingly (this is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours)


b) The 'Pay on invoice' option

If you use this option, you pay no money at the outset. We work out what the shipping /P&P cost will be for the albums selected and issue a revised invoice showing the nett overall amount to be paid.