Our Records & Books:

Vinyl Records

Quality vinyl LP records - most are VG++ (in excellent condition) or better, many NM (Near Mint) - in pristine condition, looking as new. Some are limited editions, some autographed, some rare.
Also singles, EPs and remixes will increasingly be made available. Coloured vinyl and picture discs are stocked, as are all major national and international labels, Suppliers not just to desert islands but worldwide. Boxed Sets a speciality. All genres: Children and Youngsters (Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Stories), Classical Music, Country and Western, Crooners, Dance (Disco, Jive, Ballroom and Latin American) and Party (Pub, Beach etc), Easy Listening, Folk, Golden Oldies, Instrumental, Jazz, Motown, Opera, Orchestral, Other Lands and Languages, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Pop (50's, 60's, 70's 80's and after), Soundtracks, Soul, Spoken Word (Historical and Hysterical), etc.

We are approaching our third anniversary as an internet shop. During this time we have continued to maintain our e-bay shop - and continued to get 100% customer satisfaction ratings.

Even so, we still have thousands of records in stock yet to be listed. Why not take a little time now to imagine the golden sand between your toes, or crystal clear shimmmering waters lapping at your feet whilst browsing - . You might not find a pot of gold or treasures in a sunken wreck, but you might well find a vinyl (or even pre-vinyl) gem of an album or boxed set to enhance your listening pleasure and enjoyment, and that of friends and/or loved ones. Keep an eye out for that musical treasure For boxed sets go to:

beautiful shell, or pearl within a shell.

Ballroom & Latin (

Love it or hate it, whether it makes you boil over or just leaves you cold, if you are a UK TV viewer, you cannot but be aware of the BBC show 'Strictly Come Dancing'..

>>> Boxed Sets

For And Against Boxed Sets
When someone buys a boxed set, the box, because of its size and weight, , taken in isolation, adds quite a lot to the p&p costs. Having said this we currently have a 'P&P free offer' for purchases of a total value above a certain figure - and ALL boxed sets are subject to a reduction at 25% at present. So pricewise this is the ideal time to treat yourself or friend or family member to some wonderful music.

The condition of boxes is frequently excellent, often pristine. Some show signs of wear and tear, but this is mentioned where this is the case, and not only is this hardly surprisng given that many sets are 40 or 50 years old or more, but also invariably the cover has done a first class job of protecting the actual records, and the LPs are - particularly in the case of classical music boxed sets - frequently in pristine condition: as new!

Despite the treasure trove of music to be found inside the boxes, where the occasional cover has more than light wear and tear, this will be clearly stated and this will be reflected in a significant price reduction - especially where the item is listed in the 'Bargain Basement' section.


Nursery rhymes, songs and other music, and stories - for children of all ages! (many purchasers are nostalgic Mums and Dads, fondly remembering their own childhoods, often with their own Mums and Dads playing the record to them). This is something of a specialist area for Treesure Island Discs - we have 100+ LPs listed under this heading, as well as similar quantities of as yet unnlisted 7" records, CDs and VCRs and children's books. Please do not hesitste to ask if you don't see what you are looking for. An 'occupational hazard' is that many children's records and, often more obviously the covers, have been well (?) handled by these young personages. So a near mint (NM) record is great, and a near mint cover with it (NM/NM) is a real 'gold piece', to be treasured and , dare I say it, perhaps better to be handled and played for, not by, our own little treasures - bless their cotton socks!


Christmas and New Year LPs. Reasonably priced albums of carols and other rousing seasonal songs, sung by famous pop artists and groups, choirs, school-children, in schools, churches, cathedrals, abbeys. These records celebrate Xmas and New Year in many different ways, from Chas and Dave and Tijuana Brass in festive party mood to the more classical renditions of choral music in places of worship, and including such major works as Handel's Messiah. There is something for all tastes and ways of enjoying the festive season musically.

Classical Music

Our classical records are of the highest quality and condition, some rare. Given that many are over 50 years old and still as new - and possibly never played - they are very reasonably priced (most single LPs are £3.00 or less). Boxed sets are particularly good value for money. Often the box is also in immaculate condition, such that the set would make a lovely present to someone for whose taste the music is appropriate. All renowned classical musical works, their composers, orchestras, conductors, musical insrument players and singers are to be found in our collection, only a small percentage of which is as yet listed.

Examples of some of the labels and series are:

1) CBS Master Works Series
2) Decca Eclipse Series
3) Deutsche Grammophon (DGM) Gallery/ Gallria/ Galerie, Signature, Special, Accolade and Privilege Series
4) HMV/ EMI Classical Concert Series and the Greensleeve Series
5) RCA Red Seal Series and Victrola Series, and
6) the Great Composers and Their Music (Marshall Cavendish Series) - DGM, Philips and Decca.

Also of course, though often frowned upon by classical music purists, Readers Digest and the World Record Club and other organisations of that ilk, have played a huge roll over the years in bringing classical music into the homes of millions of people and families the world over, and their boxed sets are, to my way of thinking, in many cases, a real treasure!.

Operatic and other choral music

We have an extensive portfolio of operas and operatic music, which, because of its size, is listed separately under its own section heading (Opera)

Easy Listening

We have hundreds of albums, as yet unlisted, which fall under this EASY LISTENING heading.

So, if you are searching for a particular record, track or artist, and are not finding it, do please get in touch (via the 'Contact Us' button' at the foot of the page, or at the top of the 'Home' page). We'll get back to you promptly and let you know whether it is in stock, and if so, what our price is for it.

Please note that, unlike E-Bay, we do not operate an auction facility on this site. However, you can make us an offer.

If you feel that a record price is too high, or higher than you can afford or want to pay, then again feel free to contact us via the 'Contact Us' button' at the foot of the page, or at the top of the 'Home' page, and state the highest price you are prepared to pay. We won't be offended - and you JUSTmight get the item at the reduced price you are offering.!

If you want to see what we have to offer on our E-Bay shop [LINK]

Golden Oldies

These are artists (and thier music) who preceded, or finished their singing or musical careers in the early stages of, the rock and pop music revolution.

Included in this category would be Louis Armstrong, Max Bygraves, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Ken Dodd, Val Doonican, Gracie Fields, George Formby, Bob Hope, Mario Lanza, Josef Locke, Vera Lynn, Harry Secombe, Frankie Vaughan,


Jazz and Blues LPs

Motown / Soul

Includes the following artists and groups,their individual albums and compilations: Stevie Wonder (SPR 90003, MFP50420, ZL 72015, TMS 3504), Gladys Knight & The Pips (BDLH 5013), The Stylistics (9109003), The Isley Brothers (MFP 50014), Diana Ross (STMA 8033, STMA 8036, STML 11239, EST 1867051, ROSS2, MTV 21, Diana Ross & The Supremes (MTV5, TML 11070, SPR 90001) Michael Jackson (530014-1, EPC 85930, STAR2232, STAR 2298, EPC 83468, STML 12005), The Four Tops (SPR 90002),

The 50th anniversary of Motown was celebrated here in the UK in June of this year (2009) with the 'Once in a Lifetime' tour, which included the Commodores, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, the Miracles and Jr Walker's All Stars.

Other Lands & Languages

Comprises music and other recordings in other languages than English, and about other lands over the five continents of Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Americas.

(Rev 02/12)

Rock & Pop

Rock and Pop record albums covering all types, periods, artists and groups - many, many more yet to be listed. Listings include 'mega artists': household named artists or groups, usually prolific, for whom we have perhaps 20 - 100 albums or more.

You may also like to know that we also have an E-Bay shop of the same name. Listings on our sister, E-Bay shop include anything being auctioned. rather than being sold at a fixed price.. To visit go to <</strong>>!!

Sacred Songs

Hymns and other religious songs, produced by and for those of different faiths and religious persuasions.

Some are the work of religious choirs and solo artists, sung in schools, churches, cathedrals, abbeys and other places of worship, and other well-known places such as the Royal Albert Hall.


We have a wide selection of dance and party vinyl LP records:from Ballroom, Latin American and Disco dancing and jiving, to James Last and Mrs. Mills and Chas & Dave pub party music. See also under Easy Listening - Light Orchestral for Ballroom Dancing Bands, such as Burt Bachorach, Eric Delaney with the Bill Shepherd Orchestra, Roberto Delgado, Tony Evans Singers, Percy Faith, Eric Galloway and his Latin Beats, Ron Goodwin, The Hiltonaires, Bert Kaempfert, Joe Loss, Geoff Love, Ray McVay, Val Merrall, Bob Miller and the Millermen, Glenn Miller, New Reflection Orchestra, Norrie Paramor, David Rose, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Stan Reynolds, Rose of Romance Orchestra, Semprini, Victor Sylvester, Cyril Stapleton, Sydney Thompson, Billy Vaughn, Alan Moorhouse and the World Ballroom Orchestra.


LP record albums of music soundtracks of London and New York theatre show productions, films and TV programs and programe series, songs often sung by original star casts, re-runs where show is re-produced as a film version or reproduced as a stage show at a later date, e.g., such hugely popular musicals as The Sound of Music, South Pacific, West Side Story, Les Miserables, Grease, Hair, Oliver, My Fair Lady, Carousel ... and so on

Books etc

We offer a selection of new and good quality second-hand books, especially on music, sports and games. In particular there are many books on the different music genres and the artists, and numerous chess books.

Only relatively small, light books are listed at present, because, as wirh records, the cost of shipping is so high.

We also have good quality magazines and periodicals, and football programmes.


The 'other' category excludes Vinyl records and Books.

It includes specialist magazines on personal development (Mind, body and spirit, Leisure painting), DVD's and, in due course will contain a pot pourri of various memorabilia and other collectables.